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By Anthony Pascale

5 Jun 16, 2020


Patrick and Heather, When I first met the both of you I knew there was something special. I am glad I signed up for your sessions. You guys are in sync and truly connect with your clients, even virtually. Most of us have blocks that we don't know how to remove. With a little help you can remove them. I definitely recommend you give Patrick and Heather a call an set up some sessions with them. They will truly help you remove those blocks that have been keeping you back. Thank you so much for your guidance!! I truly appreciate it!
By Linda Lee

5 Jun 5, 2020
Thank you Patrick and Heather for guiding me through the process of eliminating my negative beliefs. After our last session I felt extremely happy and free. I am truly grateful for the both of you. Now I can be who I was meant to be! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
By Jalaine Henry

5 Nov 22, 2019
I highly reccomend spending time with Heather and Patrick! I truly believe that anyone can benefit from their programs and information. An improved overall sense of wellbeing and peace with oneself are some of the life-changing outcomes these two helped me achieve.
By Duncan Henry

5 Feb 20, 2019

Great Team

Patrick and Heather are a pair of individuals you want to get involved with! There is no doubt in my mind that after having a personal session with then you will want more! Highly recommend people and programs!
By Jacolien Roeland

5 Dec 11, 2018

Phasco program

We took the Phasco program last winter and loved it, as we have taken another personal development course before we were familiar with some of the tools Patrick presented but it was a great reminder to hear it again and Patrick has an interesting, fun way to share his knowledge.Learning about food and how our bodies react to it was very interesting, thoughts, behavior, lifestyle, excersize it all hangs together and that was explained in a very easy and entertaining way, Nothing but praise for this program!
By Joel

5 Jan 4, 2018
I met Patrick and Heather at an event last year, and was very impressed with their passion and dedication to helping people lead healthier lives. In a world where the medical system is ineffective at times, it's comforting to know Phasco Health is there for me. I highly recommend Phasco Health!
Reply by Phasco Health Jan 18, 2018
Thank you very much for your feedback!
By Mnemosyne

5 Jan 3, 2018
Patrick and Heather are two incredible individuals I have had opportunity to work with. They have fully dedicated themselves to helping those in need. You can be in no better hands than at PHASCO.